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Published illustrated book

I am very excited to be able to share with you that my illustrated journal of my Camino Pilgrimage: Heartbreak to Healing, Ponderings on the Camino  is being published by Pegasus Publishers on 29th July 2021. It will be available on Amazon, Nielsens and Pegasus Publishers websites as well as being added to Goodreads… Continue Reading “Published illustrated book”

Icy winds may blow…

Like many I was profoundly shocked by the awful news of the violence in the Christchurch Mosque in New Zealand last week.  I was however sadly not completely surprised. I have been aware for sometime that there is a concerted and global effort to… Continue Reading “Icy winds may blow…”

Center Priory

It was a damp and somewhat inauspicious Saturday morning earlier this autumn that saw me making a short pilgrimage with other members of Great St Mary’s, to rural Suffolk.  I was a little nervous as I knocked on the ancient door and somewhat mischievously conjured… Continue Reading “Center Priory”

Faces of Faith

I have spent the last 30 days surrounded by a host of larger than life faces watching my every move.  Before you ask, no it is not the latest reality TV offering from Channel 5, but instead the lot of a guardian of an… Continue Reading “Faces of Faith”

Thy Kingdom Come

How quickly were the days following that Easter Sunday and soon I was no longer thinking about drain covers, wobbly pavements and even wobblier political policies (although to be completely honest, I think once you have been a Councillor, you don’t really ever stop… Continue Reading “Thy Kingdom Come”