Category: Great St Mary’s Cambridge

Reformation Revisited

Something that has received surprisingly little media coverage in the UK this autumn is the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation. Given that this movement of challenge to the establishment of the day had such profound effect on society with “common man” being able to… Continue Reading “Reformation Revisited”

Faces of Faith

I have spent the last 30 days surrounded by a host of larger than life faces watching my every move.  Before you ask, no it is not the latest reality TV offering from Channel 5, but instead the lot of a guardian of an… Continue Reading “Faces of Faith”

Strength in our Weakness

This is the final Reflection at BBC Cambs Faith Show’s guest for a month.   Hoping to be able to return again in the Autumn to chat with Pam Mungroo about the exciting work I am doing now involved in helping the church and… Continue Reading “Strength in our Weakness”

Thy Kingdom Come

How quickly were the days following that Easter Sunday and soon I was no longer thinking about drain covers, wobbly pavements and even wobblier political policies (although to be completely honest, I think once you have been a Councillor, you don’t really ever stop… Continue Reading “Thy Kingdom Come”