I am afraid I was one of those children that was always asking ‘why’? I recall often being deeply troubled with the world and continually questioning and curious. From the earliest days, I was always trying to find my place in that puzzle. Sometimes it has felt like I have lived on a 3 dimensional snakes and ladders board and even a few of the ladders have gone down rather than up!  But in all the twists and turns and ups and downs, there has been a constant of wanting to serve others and to support them to be the best they can be and to be truly in God’s image.

From teacher to bank clerk, charity worker, trainer, council officer, consultant and then County Councillor. In all of that I have always been drawn to work with and for people and put community at the heart of everything.  

Now I find myself with a paint brush in one hand (@pocket_of_art) and a bible (@pocketofcalm) in the other, navigating my way and like all, stumbling at times, through the journey of faith.

Like many exploring vocation, it has been neither simple nor linear and has involved not one but two experiences in the Church of England discernment process. The outcome of which is that I am now in training for Ordained Ministry.

Over the last couple of years, I have been Chaplain to the Marketplace in Cambridge and as part of this being more deeply involved in the day to day life and worship of Great St Mary’s Church. Learning the way to reach out to others and respond to the wider world with God’s love with the impact of a pandemic.

With a regular conversation and support to the market community as Chaplain, I also have a market stall twice a week for my artwork. Being part of the market community whilst seeking to offer Christ’s presence.