The path isn’t speedy but it does involve Zoom and a TODP!

Given these extraordinary times of enforced lockdown where many have binged on Netflix and popcorn, I thought it was appropriate to update you on my own independent film   ……..that is my life.   

The reason for starting this blog in the first place was to reflect prayerfully and share the experience of both heart surgery and my vocation journey. 

Back in 2018 I was reflecting on the feeling of rejection, having put myself forward for training for ordained ministry.  Three years on, I am looking out of the same window, which is definitely greyer, (my hair not the view!) and somewhat squidgier after too much Netflix and snacks (although I am trying to do something about that), but with a different outlook, having now been accepted for training for Ordained Ministry.

In December of 2020, with support from the Diocese who continue to explore my calling, and with the world in a grip of a pandemic, I undertook the Church’s selection process once more.  Would you believe it, it has gone from sounding like a bakery product (BAP – Bishops Advisory Panel) to a Yorkshire exclamation (TODP – Temporary online Discernment Process) – only the Church of England……  

This time, due to restrictions and challenges we all find ourselves in at the moment, the selection process was online, but nevertheless as equally rigorous, challenging and searching.  The difference this time was that I was able to speak and I was able to be heard.

Having journeyed on the Camino, endured the Cambridge winter on a market stall, adopted a curious and complex affectionate feline (currently curled up on my lap as write this) and offered worship in church, market and home and during a pandemic; I finally found in those crucial  interviews a quiet confidence to speak my truth.  Despite all the endeavours of my internet provider trying to prevent it (the worst nightmare happened during the zoom interviews with my internet crashing and using all the data on my phone to keep communication going!). 

I am delighted though somewhat nervous to say I will be starting training at Westcott College, Cambridge in the autumn 2021 and will continue to reflect here on the challenges and experience.

I give thanks to the one who calls and is indeed faithful and to all those He placed on my Camino to encourage me to journey forward in His light.

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