Day 8 : Woodland wonders

Goodness what a day ! One of my longest on the Camino- just short of 14 miles . It’s involved close encounters with speeding lorries in the rain (thankfully it was only my hat that blew off in the backdraft! ) ; – #caminosantiago please invest in some more paths so pilgrims don’t have to walk along motorways! – lovely conversations; prayer; time; music and as with every day on the Camino for me, some tears as well.

I woke up to very active mist today , mizzle, the kind that gets you pretty wet without you realising !

I was very grateful for the waterproof & backpack cover I’d been carrying for the last 100 km . Infact I was actually rather grateful for the rain itself. It brought out the scents of the woodland : pine and eucalyptus and earth mingled – it was glorious.

There were more examples of the Camino spirit today. I entered a cafe – probably looking somewhat bedraggled- and after ordering a cold drink I went in search of the stamp for my pilgrims passport, when I turned back to my drink there was a slice of unordered Spanish omelette. On checking with the young smiley chap who had served me he said ” yes it’s free, for you. You need energy ”

I can hardly believe that , God willing , tomorrow night I will be in Santiago.

What an extraordinary journey: beautiful people, beautiful scenery , time with God , with His creation and with oneself.

Today was nicely rounded off by joining my fellow pilgrims for a meal, sharing the adventures of our day , our experiences – the ups and the downs.

I think my prayer tonight is that we all try to live the Way a little better : with generosity , gratefulness and grace.

Good night X

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