The way of St.James

Fairly early on the road from recovery from heart surgery last year I decided when I was able I would take another road : the world famous “Camino” or Way to the tomb of the apostle St.James in Northern Spain.

As I regained my physical & emotional strength this year I felt that late summer / early autumn would be a good time to undertake such a spiritual & physical pilgrimage . So that whatever the outcome of the discernment process for ordained ministry within the Church of England, walking the Camino would be part of whatever happens next: either as a commissioning of my training for the dog collar or helping me to move forward from disappointment.

Over the coming posts I will be sharing, as honestly as possible, my experience in September 2018 of walking part of camino de Santiago.

If you are on Instagram you can find the photographic journal of my Camino at pockofcalm.

I also hope to be creating some watercolours inspired by the journey which I will be sharing at pocket_of_art on Instagram too.

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