Day 7 : Crossroads

This morning was an enchanting intertwining of autumn mist and sunlight. It was an artist or photographer’s delight!

I have been completely surprised by the beauty on this walk. It has been so full of treasures.

As I was walking through beautiful woodland today I reached a cross roads, at this point the Camino was clearly marked with one of the very regular stones with a yellow arrow and the exact km & metres left till we reach Santiago.

I’ve also observed that as we get closer to Santiago, there are often more paths other than the Camino to choose from.

I often find as an artist that the best way to present a scene is to be some distance from it, to give it some perspective. In the case of the crossroads of course this meant stepping off the Camino and walking a little way down another path to create the view looking back.

As I was doing this a couple of travellers on the Camino called out at, clearly concerned I was wandering off in entirely the wrong direction

I explained that I was taking a photo of the crossroads which I proceeded to do, of course now having them in the frame.

What I realised then was that whilst markers on the path are helpful, what is more meaningful is a fellow traveller walking that path with us giving context and vitality.

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