Day 6 : Let it flow, let it go

Melide was enveloped in a veil of mist this morning & as I set off with a little more spring in step I suddenly felt a little homesick for Cambridge as I passed the Sunday markets setting up. I was blessed this morning with some time to walk alone. There were definitely fewer pilgrims around – those walking great distances tend to leave before I wake and others still were resting today- . In the relative solitude I found the walking through the woodlands profoundly moving today. The delights of woodland treasure – bejewelled cobwebs , colourful fungus & paths that wouldn’t be out of place in a j r Tolkien adaption. I listened to music , including the Christian vocalist Steve Green. I’ve always his enjoyed his musical style that is somewhere between musical theatre & devotional. It served only to highten the mood. There is something incredibly potent about placing ones boots in the same path as millions of pilgrims before. Wherever we come from , whatever we bring , there is space on the path for us. This afternoon I was blessed to catch up with two lovely Mexican sisters who are on the same itinerary as myself- María & Selina- We walked and talked. Maria asked what brought me here and I shared something of my story. As we were about to enter a village on the woodland path there was the sound of bagpipes (the Celtic culture is big here ) & a singer. Maria turned to me to translate the Spanish song . “ The water that you can’t drink , let it go, let it flow away “ #lessonsfromthecamino #pilgrims #thewayofstjames #caminodesantiago

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