Day 5 : Ups & Downs

Today was very much one of highs & lows – physically, spiritually & mentally . I slept well in a comfy bed, but felt tired on the #Camino in the morning. It felt very much today that the cumulative impact had caught up with me. My body seems to have caught on to what I’m asking if it on a daily basis ! When I stopped at the first cafe after a few km on the road out of town, I was delighted to be joined by Nancy & Tom from the day before & we walked the rest of my day together. Whilst the day started pretty chilly , the sun came through much earlier than the last few days which made the walking much more difficult. We passed through some absolutely beautiful scenery & talked politics , community & church. Blessed by company & the shared experience.

We had the traditional octopus in Melide & on finding my hotel I completely crashed out. I was dehydrated & felt like I the train I met outside of Sarria on my first day had actually hit me.

I felt really bad for my Floridian companions as they had a further 9km to go! – I was delighted that they emailed me later to say that they had arrived safely!

I had little appetite in the evening for either food or even sharing much of the day’s journey & after only a few mouthfuls of v tasty dishes I admitted defeat ( mostly uncharacteristic ) .Returning to the bar for the customary bottled water for tomorrow’s journey I ended up having a wonderful conversation with one of the family who own the hotel. Wise beyond his years he said that the #Camino is really a reflection of how people lead the rest of their life but some, if they are open to it, are changed by the experience.

Time after time on this journey I have been so touched that by trusting and being open, God and the Way has provided. Whilst my feet maybe sore and my legs may ache , my soul is definitely lighter this evening. It’s a journey that is as much about going deeper into the heart of God, as it is about moving forward in our own lives . To me it seems to be about active trust , submitting but in action, stillness in walking and love in demonstration. #thewayofstjames #tobeapilgrim

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