Day 2: Different ways , one day

Today proved to be very different from yesterday in many ways . As I was (mainly) descending towards a valley, the morning mist lingered for most of the journey, which made the early sunshine on the first stage all the more beautiful. Walking along I found myself singing quietly and the autumnal sunshine touching the landscape seemed to join in. Each day has its challenges, for me it was regretting coffee before walking (!) & climbing down a ravine towards the end of the final descent. I was blessed to share the last stage today with a fun couple from upstate New York. One of whom had survived cancer ( twice ) and was taking photographic evidence to send to her sceptical children of what they descended today! ( plus overcoming vertigo & walking along an enormous bridge into #Portomarín) #faith #sharingstories #todayschallengeisenough #morningprayer #thewayofstjames #journey #pilgrims

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