Day 1 : “Hello my names Christian…..”

Well I’ve survived my first day on the #Camino. I promised myself that if I was going to share this v personal experience I was going to be honest about it. With that in mind I’m crying as I write this . There are times today where I found it really tough, I had tears in my eyes but I kept going- immensely grateful that I did invest in some (more) trekking poles. The first hill of the day was by far the steepest. I was blessed to share it with a lovely couple – Christian ( no I’m really not making this up ) and Catherine. We shared a bit of our reasons for walking #elcamino and after climbing the hill, Christian told me I needed to slow down, I was trying to go too fast and that I shouldn’t be so tough on myself- I said I felt bad as they like many are walking the last 100 k to #santiagodecompostela in 5 days and I’ve opted to do it in twice that. Christian pointed out to me that it was enough that I was able to walk it and had chosen to. #pilgrimsprogress #elcamino #journey #faith #cardiacrecovery #vocation 😢😯

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